Process Capability Audits

Providing an assessment of quantified savings – especially when trying to justify major projects – can be difficult, especially when the assessment is to be presented to the board or senior management.

Our Process Capability Audits are able to assess, justify and present the return that you should expect from your existing system.

Our audits are also able to provide the best possible case to assist you to obtain approval to proceed with prospective new projects.

Impartiality is the key to our success. All PWA Group consultants and engineers are members of professional institutions. They will provide advice in line with the highest professional standards and the Audit will examine current working practices, systems and procedures within the production process that can influence production and/or operational efficiencies.

The scope of the Audit would normally include a review of the following functional areas:

That would provide significant savings and benefits in:

PWA Group has the expertise to provide a comprehensive process capability audit, delivering a unique insight and the potential for the best return for your project or business.

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