Doppler Effect & Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Doppler Effect and Ultrasonic Flow Meters are predominantly ‘non-intrusive’ flow meters and use transducers that are clamped on the outside of the pipe to measure volumetric flow of fluids and gases.

doppler & ultrasonic flow meter

Doppler Effect & Ultrasonic: Industry Application

Doppler Effect & Ultrasonic flow meters are also designed for specialised implementations; providing a source of ultra-accurate flow information, leading to improved system productivity and greater process cost efficiency and are widely-used throughout industries including:

Doppler Effect & Ultrasonic: Flow Meters Supplier

PWA Group can supply a range of high quality, precise Doppler Effect & Ultrasonic flow meters to fit your industry or project requirements.

We are an authorised agent / distributor for leading global manufacturers including:

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