Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

Coriolis mass flow meters gauge the exact force as a result of the acceleration generated by mass moving towards (or away) from the center of rotation, they measure the force resulting from the acceleration caused by mass moving toward (or away from) a center of rotation.

coriolis flow meter diagram

Coriolis: Industry Application

Coriolis mass flowmeters are also designed for specialised implementations; providing a source of ultra-accurate flow information, leading to improved system productivity and greater process cost efficiency and are widely-used throughout  industries including:

Coriolis: Flow Meters Supplier

PWA Group can supply a range of high quality, precise Coriolis flow meters to fit your industry or project requirements. Our specialist team can recommend and supply the correct Coriolis flow meter for your specific needs.

We are an authorised agent / distributor for leading global manufacturers including:

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