Mass Flow Meters

PWA Group can supply a range of high quality mass flow meter products and calibration services; Precision tools that accurately measure the mass flow rate of a fluid.

How Do Mass Flow Meters Work

Mass Flow meters work by measuring the mass flow of a fluid travelling past a fixed point per unit time.

There are a number of factors that can influence the mass flow rate.  Such influences include temperature, pressure, or composition.

High tech instruments and calibration can accurately account for changes in the density of the fluid being measured.

Mass Flow Meters Supplier

We are an Australian mass flow meter distributor, supplying the highest quality mass flow meters; sourced from solid relationships with some of the most well known names in the mass flow meter industry.

Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

Coriolis mass flow meters gauge the exact force as a result of the acceleration generated by mass moving towards (or away) from the center of rotation,
Differential Pressure Flow Meters

Differential Pressure Flow Meters

Differential Pressure Flow Meters measure a flow of fluid or gas, by measuring the differential pressure created by placing a construction in the fluid or gas flow and measuring the differences in upstream pressure to that downstream.

Doppler Effect & Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Doppler Effect and Ultrasonic Flow Meters are predominantly ‘non-intrusive’ flow meters and use transducers that are clamped on the outside of the pipe to measure volumetric flow of fluids and gases. Doppler Effect & Ultrasonic: Industry App...
Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Electromagnetic Flow Meters are the third most commonly used industrial flow meters but are restricted to measuring conductive fluids (ie fluids that contains ions). Electromagnetic: Industry Application Electromagnetic flow meters are typically ...

Positive Displacement Flow Meters

Positive displacement (or PD) flow meters measure the volumetric flow rate of a moving fluid or gas by dividing the media into fixed, metered volumes (finite increments or volumes of the fluid) and mechanically displacing components in the meter in order...

Turbine Flow Meters

The turbine flow meter (better described as an axial turbine flow meter) translates the mechanical action of the turbine rotating in the fluid or gas flow around an axis into a user-readable rate of flow via a pickup. Turbine: Industry Application...

Variable Area Flow Meters

The variable area (VA) meter (commonly known as a rotameter) consists of a tapered tube (typically made of glass) with a float inside that is pushed up by the fluid or gas flow. Floats are made in many different shapes, with spheres and spherical...

Vortex Flow Meters

Vortex Flow Meters (also known as Oscillatory Flow Meters or Vortex Shedding Flow Meters) involves placing a bluff body (called a shedder bar) in the path of the fluid. Vortex: Industry Application Vortex Flow Meters are commonly used in a wide...